Scottish Gallery Rifle Squad at the Phoenix Meeting Bisley 2017

Nineteen members of the GR Squad attended the Phoenix Meeting. Over the four days they took part in fifty nine separate matches ranging from Gallery Rifle Rim Fire to Target Shotgun and from Long Barrelled Pistol to Service Rifle.

There were some notable successes:

Scotland ‘Blue’ team took the GR Small Bore Timed + Precision 1 and Multi Target Aggregate.

Individual Places:

25m Precision GRSB                           Bronze                   N  Veitch                                                                               

25m Precision GRCF                        Silver                              Chris Douglas

50m Precision GRSB                        Silver                               Norman Veitch

50m Precision GRCF                       Gold                                 Chris Douglas

50m Precision GRCF                       Silver                                Norman Veitch

Timed + Precision 1 GRSB              Gold                                 Jonny Cormie

T+P1 LBR Open (A)                          Bronze                            Chris Douglas

T+P2 GRCF (X)                                  Silver                               Norman Veitch

T+P2 GRCF (A)                                  Silver                               Jonny Cormie

Multi Target GRSB (X)                     Bronze                            Jonny Cormie

MT GRCF (B)                                     Bronze                            Maurice Leishman

MT GRCF Open                                Silver                               Norman Veitch

MT LBR Open (X)                            Silver                              Robert Tonner

MT LBR Open (B)                            Silver                                Chris Douglas  

Phoenix A GRSB (X)                        Gold                                  Jonny Cormie

Ph A GRSB (X)                                 Bronze                              Graeme Dodds

PhA GRCF (X)                                Gold                                  Norman Veitch

Ph AGRCF(X)                               Silver                                Jonny Cormie

Ph AGRCF Open                           Silver                                Norman Veitch

Ph A LBP (A)                                     Silver                               Robert Tonner

Ph A LBP (A)                                     Bronze                            Norman Veitch

MT 3 GRSB                                       Gold                                Jonny Cormie

1500 GRCF(X)                                Silver                              Norman Veitch

1500 GRCF (A)                                 Silver                               Jonny Cormie

1500 GRCF (B)                                  Bronze                            Robert J Tonner

1500 GRCF Open                              Silver                             Norman Veitch

1500 LBP(A)                                    Bronze                        Glenn Gordon

1020 GRSB                                        Gold                               Jonny Cormie

1020 GRCF                                        Bronze                           Chris Douglas

1020 GRCF Open                             Gold                               Norman Veitch

Advancing Target LBP Open (A)    Bronze                            Glenn Gordon

AT LBP (B)                                         Gold                                Graeme Dodds

Classic Percussion Pistol                Bronze                            Stuart Rankine

Imperial Silhouettes GRSB             Gold                               Jonny Cormie

Imperial  Silhouettes  GRSB            Bronze                          Scott Lyon

In addition in the Club Team Events:

  • Timed & Precision 1 + Multi Target GRCF        Joint Services Pistol Club took the Gold
  • International Gallery Rifle Federation – Phoenix International Trophy (GRCF)  - Great Britain

Fiver members of the Scottish Squad are also included in the GB Squad :  Glenn Gordon, Jonny Cormie, Norman Veitch, Robert J Tonner and Greg Rastall.

Points are awarded for high scores in most events. Competitors accumulating 20 points or more win a ‘Grand Master’ medal. This year the squad took three – Jonny Cormie, Chris Douglas and Norman Veitch.

The Squad set two new records in the 1020 match. Jonny Cormie – GRSB and Norman Veitch GRCF Open.

LBP – Long Barrelled Pistol.                     LBR – Long Barrelled Revolver

The full Prize List andResults are to be found on the NRA and Gallery Rifle Websites