Insurance for Club Plus Members

Updated 14th May 2019

Providers of insurance for STS members

STS & Bluefin Sport

STS is pleased to announce that it has teamed up with Bluefin Sport to provide insurance to its members for 2018. Bluefin Sport, part of the Marsh Insurance family, have extensive experience in providing insurance for the sports sector and a growing reputation in the shooting community.

We have worked with Bluefin Sport to get the best value deal possible for our members and have provided details of this below.

Period of Cover

In 2019 STS worked with our partners at Bluefin Sport to adjust the term of our cover. In response to the need of our individual and club plus members, our insurance now runs from 15th January to 14th January the following year. This means members can now enjoy Christmas and New Year shooting without the stress of requiring new documentation for 1st January. Instead, this provides a two-week window for clubs and individuals to affiliate in January.

Cover for Club Plus clubs

As well as providing cover for individuals, STS provides target shooting clubs with a competitive insurance package through its Club Plus membership. The insurance package clubs receive through Club Plus membership is designed to provide clubs with value and essential cover for their activities, regardless of size. Club Plus provides clubs with the following insurance cover:

  • Public, Professional & Products Liability (£10m)

  • Employers Liability (£10m)

  • Directors & Officers Liability (£10m)

  • Abuse (£2.5m)

  • Club Equipment Cover (up to £10,000)

  • Insurance to support the legal costs for providing Criminal Defence support for all qualified Instructors

  • Insurance to support the legal costs for appealing against the revocation of a Club Licence

  • Insurance to support the legal costs for club Criminal Prosecution Defence (including Employment Defence and Contract Disputes)

As every club is different, we have agreed with Bluefin Sport that our members can contact them directly and agree personal terms to build on the cover our Club Plus members receive so they can have the peace of mind that they are suitably covered

Directly below are the schedules and policy wording documents provided by Sportscover and at the very bottom of the page we have provided contact details for clubs wanting to contact Bluefin Sport to build on the insurance they receive through being Club Plus members of STS.

Please note, the combined corporate cover includes cover for property , public liability, professional liability and employers liability.

STS will also provide Club Plus Clubs with a letter provided by the insurance company that can be used to satisfy MOD, landowners and other parties which may require evidence of insurance. The letter provided will be a simple 'To whom it may concern' letter and is not intended to list all of the covers provided as part of the membership to STS since the policy schedules will be better placed to display this information along with the conditions etc. If your club is a Club Plus member and does not receive either an electronic or hard copy of this letter the please contact the STS Office and we can get this issued to you.

STS Insurance FAQs

Often the documentation that comes with insurance still leaves a few practical questions unanswered. For that reason, STS has worked with Bluefin Sport to provide a list of questions we are commonly asked in the STS Office so we can provide our members with the answers in plain English.

We will look to update this list with questions as they come in so before contacting us we would always recommend visiting this page first to see if your question has already been asked and answered.

Finally, if you can't find an answer to your insurance related question then please contact Bluefin Sport using the contact details provided at the bottom of this page.

Cover for individual members - Coaching FAQs

  1. I have completed the NSRA Club Instructor Course but only received a certificate of competence because I am not an NSRA member. Will the cover provided by STS cover me to coach regardless of whether I am an NSRA member?

    • Providing the coach can evidence their certificate of competence then coverage will be in force. If the coach does not receive a certificate of competence then no coverage will apply.

Cover for Club Plus Clubs - general FAQ

  1. We own electronic targets at our indoor range but occasionally move them outside or lend to other clubs, will they still be covered under our equipment insurance?

    • Yes, you are covered if you lend the equipment to another club or move the equipment outside. However, cover would not apply if you leave the targets unattended and out in the open. Please see the full conditions on portable equipment noted in the policy wording.

  2. Are guests, visitors and non-club competitors covered by the club’s insurance with STS?

    • Spectators, visitors and guest are covered under the Public Liability insurance but they are not covered to undertake any shooting activities. Guest will be covered under the Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance for a maximum of 3 sessions or 3 hours, whichever occurs first. The guest must receive the correct training/induction prior to participating and the sessions or hours need to be recorded and signed. After this has expired the guest must become a member to remain covered.

  3. My club has equipment over £10,000, how do we extend the cover to ensure the rest of the equipment owned by the club is covered?

    • Please contact Bluefin Sport to increase your cover, contact details have been provided below.

  4. The Club is based in England, is it still covered by the insurance cover received through STS membership?

    • Yes, providing you are carrying out STS approved activities.

Further Enquiries

We have tried to provide information and answers to cover the most  frequently asked questions on the insurance cover provided by Scottish Target Shooting but it is impossible to cover everything so we have set up an enquiry line with Bluefin Sport to direct further enquiries and support clubs wishing to extending their Club Plus cover. Bluefin Sport can be contacted at:

  • Email:

  • Telephone: 0345 872 5060