guide to Managing Your individual Membership online

Scottish Target Shooting uses an online system to allow members to manage their information. This page provides information, explanations and guides on the information our online membership system is asking for from Individual Members, why STS is asking for it and how members can provide this information.


About The Information Being Asked

Notes To Help Provide This Information

Basic Details

This is the basic information required when signing up for membership of Scottish Target Shooting.

This information includes your name, email address, date of birth, personal address and phone number.

Emergency Contact

Accidents in shooting are extremely rare but if something should happen we like to make sure that have emergency contact details. Scottish Target Shooting will only use this information should a medical situation occur and we are need to contact someone close to you.

To provide this information, select the 'Emergency Contact' tab on the left hand side of the page (under the 'Profile' section), click on the button 'Add', complete the information requested and click the 'Save' button. If you have problems completing this then please contact the STS Office and we can enter this information on your behalf.


At Scottish Target Shooting we are committed to the Equality Standard. We will regularly review what we do to make sure that, where possible, our events and opportunities are accessible to all. As part of this assessment and as part of the Equality Standard, we are required to capture information on our members. The equality information you provide here is anonymous and is a key factor in helping us to assess the diversity of our membership so we can determine if we are reaching all areas and communities in Scotland.

To provide this information, select the 'Equality' tab on the left hand side of the page (under the 'Profile' section) and click on the 'Update Equality' button on the top right. There are then a series of eight questions with a drop down menu of possible responses. Each question, includes the possible response 'Prefer Not to Say' for questions you are not wanting to provide an answer for. Once you have completed all the questions, return to the top of the page and click on the 'Save' button.

Additional Details

The Additional Details section allows us to ask some important questions that may not have a suitable fit elsewhere in the system.

We want to provide affordable membership options so it is important we know if members are still in full time education.

The Primary Shooting discipline determines which discipline receives a portion of the membership fee (the level varies depending on the membership type and any discount applied) and whether a member is able to vote when a sport specific matter arises.

The NRA and NSRA questions simply allow us to determine the number of our members who are also members of these bodies which is helpful when in partnership discussions.

Finally, the left shoulder question is necessary for some competitions where this can help determine the allocation of firing points.

To provide this information, select the 'Additional Details' tab on the left hand side of the page (under the 'Member Details' section) and click on the 'Update details' button on the top right. There are then a series of five questions with a drop down menu of possible responses for the first, second and fifth questions and free text entry for the third and fourth. Once you have completed all the questions, return to the top of the page and click on the 'Save' button.

Classification Grade

Some of the Scottish Target Shooting competitions require participants to provide information about their classification grade to determine what part of the event they can compete in or who they are eligible to compete against. This section of the system allows members to provide their classification grade for every discipline they compete in and keep this information up to date as we know it can change regularly.

To provide this information, select the 'Classification Grade' tab on the left hand side of the page (under the 'Member Details' section) and click on the 'Add' button on the top right. First select the Discipline of the event from the drop down menu, this will determine the list available under the Category drop down menu. Finally, select the Class and click on the 'Save' button. If the category you require is not available then please contact the STS Office. Once saved, the grade will be appear in the box. To change this either double click on the class you wish to alter or select the box on the left, select 'Remove' at the top right and then click 'Add' to provide the new details.

Shooting Involvement

Scottish Target Shooting requires members to select their Primary Discipline (see this section above for more information) when taking out membership but appreciates that many people in the sport will be involved in multiple disciplines. To capture this information, the Shooting Involvement tab allows members to select all disciplines they are involved in.

To tell us about your involvement in the sport , select the 'Shooting Involvement' tab on the left hand side of the page (under the 'Member Details' section) and click on the 'Update Details' button on the top right. Tick the boxes of all disciplines you are involved in and then click the 'Save' button. These details can be updated at any time.

Linking to a Club

At the point of signing up for membership, the system will display clubs within a 15 mile radius of the members home address. There a number of points with regards this section:

  1. The system will only show clubs that are members of STS so if your club isn't listed then don't be concerned.
  2. The system will allow members to link to more than one club.
  3. Members are not required to link to any clubs - it is possible to sign up to Scottish Target Shooting without linking to a club.
  4. It is possible to link yourself to a club at any point once you have taken out your membership.
  5. All Clubs a member is linked to will be displayed to that member under the 'My Clubs' column on the right of the page.

Please note, that linking to a club is not the same as becoming a member of that club. Each club has its own membership process so if you wish to join a club, contact the club directly.

For new members, once you have selected your membership category and accepted the terms and conditions, the next page will be a map showing clubs. For existing members, on the right hand side of the page click on 'Select Club' under the 'My Clubs' column.

The default view is to display all clubs within 15 miles of your home address as entered on the Basic Details section. It is possible to expand this area through the drop down menu or put in a new town or post code to focus around a different location. It is also possible change the view to a list of clubs, rather than a map, by selecting 'List' on the top left hand side of the map.

When you hover over a pin on the map the name of the club is displayed. Click on the pin to display more information. Click 'Select Club' if that is the club you wish to link to.

This process can be repeated for each club the member wishes to be linked to.


The final part of the registration process is the page for making your payment. On this page the details of what you are purchasing will be displayed. Any discounts that you are eligible for will be applied at this stage.

Scottish Target Shooting uses two service providers to ensure our online payment systems are safe, secure and compliant with all current regulations:

  1. Stripe provides the secure environment for all transactions involving payment by debit or credit card. (
  2. GoCardless is the company providing a secure environment for all Direct Debit payments. (

Examples of the payment screen members will be asked to complete can be found below:

Example Stripe Payment Screen

Example GoCardless Payment Screen

The Checkout page will display the total price for each item under the 'Item Summary'. Items can be removed by selected the 'Remove' button. If the quantity of any item is incorrect, change the number in the 'QTY' column and click the 'Update' button.

Once the items and quantities are correct, there is then the option to click either the 'Pay with Direct Debit' or 'Pay with Card' buttons.

Members are advised of the following:

  1. If you experience any problems paying, please contact the STS Office where we can take payment over the phone.
  2. STS will also accept payment by cheque. To pay using this method, please make the cheque payable to 'Scottish Target Shooting' for the correct amount and send it to the STS Office with a note explaining what the payment is for. One of the STS Team will contact you confirming safe receipt.
  3. Members are advised that once payment has been made, their account will show a transaction using Stripe or GoCardless and the payment reference will refer to GoMembership, the online membership service used by Scottish Target Shooting.


This is the term used on the system for shooting and non-shooting qualifications and CPD courses (such as Club Instructor and Safeguarding and Protecting Children certificates) for both coaches and officials.

The system can also be used to record your Firearms or Shotgun Certificate Number as well as your PVG Certificate number but members are prevented from being able to upload a copy of their certificate for reasons of confidentiality.

Our online membership system enables individuals to upload electronic copies of their qualifications. Once uploaded and the expiry date is entered, the system will remind members 6 months prior to their qualifications expiring.