Triple Crown for Ken

Every year the top small-bore shooters in Britain compete for two long-running championships, the News of the World Challenge Cup (British) and the Daily Record Challenge Bowl (Scottish).   They are both postal competitions shot over the winter season, with two qualifying heats (30 shots each) and a final (top 20 shooters, 40 shots each).   The finals can be shot concurrently.  

This year The Scottish title was won by Ken Greenaway of Perth C & C with a perfect 400 ex 400 score, beating Ollie Barron of Watsonians by one point.   Ken also won the British title which, unusually, was a joint award as there were three competitors who achieved the magic 400 and the rules don’t allow a tie-break between those who score the perfect score.   The other equal first place shooters were R Shaw and K D  Bowley.   Ken also won the News of the World medal for best veteran.  

This is the first time someone has won this “triple crown” in the same year.   Ken, who is 72, says that his success is proof that age doesn’t matter if someone has enough determination and does the work.

Ken Greenwood Short Range.jpg