Medal Invitation and Allen Trophy Events - Badenoch & Strathspey Muzzle Loading & Rifle Club

In the Photograph from Left to Right

Stephen Whymant (winner of the Allen Trophy); Stephen Maclennon (Silver Medal);
Mary Maclennon (Bronze Medal); Andrew Duncan (Gold Medal);
Mariana & Charles Van Laarhoven; Roger Crawford; Marie Cascarino;
David Squires (winner of the Gold Bar); Melanie Squires; Owen Whymant

The annual club Medal Invitation and Allen Trophy Events were held at the Badenoch and Strathspey Muzzle Loading & Rifle Club in Kingussie on Sunday 30 June.

18 people competed for the 5 prizes across both events where the emphasis is on having a fun day rather than focussing on ‘winning’.

The Allen Trophy is a silver cup awarded annually to the winner of the competition that is varied annually. The Trophy was gifted to the club by John Allen, a member of the original Spey Valley Pistol Club and local businessman at that time.

Winner of the Allen Trophy 2019 is Stephen Whymant.

Winner of the Gold Bar is David Squires

As the name implies, entrants in the Medal Invitation competition are invited to compete by the club and can include anyone who has shot before or is interested in projectile sports.

This year the invitees included the group ‘Highlanders for Hire’ who impressed everyone with their 18th Century costumes and shooting skill. The competition involved Black Powder Revolver Shooting, Field Archery, with targets at various distances, and Air Rifle Field Trial addressing reactive and static targets also at various distances.

The group were also introduced to live firing of Flintlock arms of the 17th and 18th century.

Members of the group won Gold, Silver and Bronze in the competition!

Gold : Andrew Duncan
Silver : Steve MacLennan
Bronze : Mary MacLennan

See a small video and more photos of the competition on their Facebook page here.

The club is planning to hold various events and competitions in the coming year including

Black Powder
.22 Rifle
Fullbore Carbine
Air Rifle Field Trial
Airsoft Practical Pistol (across different targets and positions on a timed course)

The club also visits other ranges to widen experience such as shooting fullbore on the 600yard range at Cawdor.

Are you interested in finding out more or participating? Badenoch & Strathspey Muzzle Loading & Rifle Club is open to New Members including Juniors and “Newbies” and would love to welcome you to the sport.

For more information on joining the club or taking part please contact :

Bernie Jones at