Scottish 50m Pistol Championships Report

The Championships started on time, but a problem with one of the targets caused a delay and a split of the competition into two relays. Preparation and Sighting was re-started after 30 minutes and relay one continued without mishap. This was closely followed by relay two, shot alongside the GP 4 3P Rifle Match.

The wind was slightly stronger and more changeable in the second relay - there was a torrential downpour during the first, then the sun and some shadows lengthened across the range from the right. The intensity of the light changed and the strength and direction of the wind varied as the day progressed.

Results were Alan Goodall 538; David Owen 526; Andy Ralston 503; David Lewis 501.

The small entry meant all 4 shooters qualified for the final, but as we now had only three reliable targets, only the top three could shoot.

Third place went to Andy, second place went to David Owen and the Championship was won by Alan, with a new Scottish Finals record of 220.4.

We were delighted to have Margaret Ritchie with us to present the Peter Ritchie trophy and the 'soon to be traditional' bottle of Scottish Gin.

Thanks to Gavin and Bruce for running the software and keeping us in line and to Robin and Don for their help in setting up the range and RO duties.

Report by Janis Thomson