Pentagonal and Finlux Inter Region Team Matches - May 28th at Blair Atholl

The Pentagonal (Target Rifle) and Finlux (F/TR and F-Open) Inter Region team matches will take place at the Blair Atholl Range on Sunday May 28th starting at 10.00am. Teams eligible are East of Scotland, West of Scotland, North of Scotland, Fife, Aberdeenshire, and Tayside. Coaching is allowed and the matches will take place at 500 yards in the morning and 900 yards in the afternoon shooting 2 convertible sighters and 15 to count at each distance. Team sizes will depend on the number of shooters from each region and everyone who comes to the range will get to shoot.

The Pentagonal Match is for Target Rifles using .308Win or .223Rem calibres  and the Finlux Match has separate competitions for F-Open and F/TR and all matches will be shot using NRA rules for rifle weight, calibres and bullet weights.

Cost of team entry is £17 per shooter (to cover the cost of range fees) and 155grn .308 ammunition will be available to purchase on the range at a cost of £28 per shooter for 34 rounds.

It will be helpful if each region advises me their team size so we know how many shooters will be attending – please contact me by e-mail on

Tim Kidner