STSair 10 Metre Postal Competition 2018 : Round 10

The final results!

Well done to the winners and a big thank you to all who took part.

Championship Competitions

Pistol - Individual:

Nick Pye (Tayside) takes 1st place with a final round score of 100! Billy McGurk (Dechmont) takes 2nd place with Alan Thomson (Dechmont) taking 3rd.

Pistol - Team:

The Tayside-2 team wins the pistol team competition with Dechmont taking 2nd place ahead of

Tayside-1 in 3rd.

Rifle - Individual:

Alan Thomson (Dechmont) wins 1st place with Bruce Melvin (Bedlay) taking 2nd place and Iain Day (Tayside) taking 3rd.

Rifle - Team:

Dechmont drops its second lowest score to win the competition! Tayside takes 2nd place.

Rifle/Pistol Aggregate:

Alan Thomson (Dechmont) wins the competition. Iain Day (Tayside) stays in 2nd place with Bruce Melvin (Bedlay) in 3rd.

Handicap Competitions

Pistol - Individual:

Brian Elliot (Bedlay) has stayed in 1st place and won the Pistol Handicap! Alan Thomson (Dechmont) stays in 2nd place. Bill Gordon (Tayside) and Bruce Melvin (Bedlay) tie for 3rd place.

Rifle - Individual:

Billy McGurk (Dechmont) and Bruce Melvin (Bedlay) have tied for 1st place! Bill Gordon (Tayside)

takes 3rd place.

Fun Pistol:

Alan Thomson (Dechmont) wins the competition with Billy McGurk (Dechmont) taking 2nd place.

Report by Alan Thomson