10m Air Pistol 2018-19 Grand Prix Series: GP3

The third air pistol GP was held across 2 days in Callander and was shot on paper targets. Due to the fact the competition was not on electronic targets, there was no final but congratulations to the winners of each group who were as follows

Men: 1st Andy Ralston, 2nd David Owen

Women: 1st Jess Liddon, 2nd Angelike Lisek

Junior Men: 1st Lewis Mercer, 2nd Hamish McDonald

Junior Ladies: 1st Emilia Faulkner, 2nd Tara Le Welsheit

The ‘Download Results’ link below contains the results. Note that results for Jess are recorded differently because she shot in 3 shot rounds where as all other competitors shot in 5 shot rounds.

Report by Oliver Barsby