2016 Scottish 50m Pistol Championships

The Scottish 50m Pistol Championships 2016 were held at Denwood Target Shooting Centre on 27th August 2016. Conditions were good - warm with bright, even lighting and very little wind.

The competition was shot in two details, fitting in with the rifle 3-P GP.

Results of the 60-shot match:

  • Alan Goodall 537

  • David Owen 531

  • Kevin Gray 516

  • Andy Rastall 500

As we had only two 50m electronic pistol targets (working on that!), the final was between Alan and David, with no elimination until the last shot!

Alan took an early lead but was overtaken by David after the 4th series. David maintained this lead, winning the Championship with a score of 190.7 to Alan's 179.7.

  • The Peter Ritchie Memorial Trophy, Gold Medal and bottle of whisky - David Owen

  • Silver Medal - Alan Goodall

  • Bronze Medal - Kevin Gray

  • The Morag Liddon Special Medal - Andy Ralston

Many thanks to:

  • the competitors (some of whom had a very long journey to get to the competition!);

  • Don Robertson - for constructing the frames to raise the targets to the correct height and for presenting the prizes;

  • Gavin Walker for making all the electronics work!;

  • Robin for joining us all at stupid o'clock to have the range ready and everyone who helped put it all away again.

See you next year with hopefully more targets and therefore more competitors!

Report by Janis Thomson