Jess Liddon

Where in Scotland are you from? I was actually born in Yorkshire but have lived in Southern Scotland since I was 8. My Mum is from Aberdeen and grew up in Edinburgh.

What discipline(s) do you shoot and who are your coaches? I shoot 10m Air Pistol and 25m Sport Pistol. My first coach was Michael Jones who taught me the basics and helped me achieve my first 1000 score on Pony Club targets. My coaches now are John Leighton Dyson and Margaret Thomas.

How did you get involved in the sport and what was shooting journey to get on to the performance programme? I started shooting in 2001 through Pony Club Tetrathlon.  My sister was spotted at a Pony Club competition and asked to attend a development day for the Scottish Pistol squad – being the annoying little sister I begged to go along too and it all snowballed from there.

Where you do your shooting? For 10m Air Pistol, I dry-fire wherever I can and train in my own home.  Unfortunately, Sport Pistol training is restricted to only two ranges in the UK so I travel to both Bisley in Surrey and Callander in Scotland to train this event.

What are your hopes and plans for the future in terms of your shooting career? I aim to compete at the World Championships this year and work towards qualifying for the Olympics in 2020.

Any other interesting non-shooting related fact about yourself that you would like to mention? I volunteered in Malawi building wind turbines - it was a breeze!