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British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships - Scottish Qualifier

  • Grangemouth Sports Complex Abbots Road Grangemouth FK3 8JB (map)

British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships - Scottish Qualifier 2019/20

Individual and Team Categories:

Junior (Year 6, 7 & 8) / (P6, P7 & S1), Inter (Year 9, 10) / (S2, S3), Senior (Year 11, 12 & 13) / (S4, S5 &S6)

Teams of 3 athletes, from the same school/college in the same age category. All athletes who enter this competition will be eligible for the team event, if there are two or more fellow athletes also entered from the same school, in the same age category. A team score is the grand total of the three athletes 20-shot qualification scores.
NB. If there are more than three students from the same school entered in the same age category, the highest scoring 3 athletes will be identified as Team A, the next three athletes as Team B and so on.

Important Information:

  • All age categories are mixed gender and physical abilities.

  • Home schooling is allowed.

  • Teams of three athletes (see below)

  • All categories compete on a 10m Range, using a .177 Air Pistol only.

  • Double or single handed is allowed for Juniors only, All Intermediates & Seniors must adhere to single handed shooting only.

  • Athletes may compete in an unlimited number of Qualifying events.

  • Following the closing date, entrants will be emailed the pre-event information and confirmed timetable

National Final Qualification

Top three Individuals and Top Team from each age category at each Qualification Event automatically qualify for the National Final. Top scoring Championships Reserves will also qualify, see rules for further information. There will be a Disability Class at the National Final.

Air Gun Licensing

Due to Scotland's air gun licensing laws - if you are travelling from outside Scotland you will require a Visitors Permit to bring your gun into Scotland.  Police Scotland are advising the current turnaround time for this is approximately 6 weeks. A Visitor Permit can be applied from Police Scotland on the following link:



Sharing & Borrowing Air Pistols:
Maximum of 2 competitors can share one pistol. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE TIMETABLE. It’s the team leader’s responsibility to ensure a clash doesn’t occur where one or more athletes need to use the same pistol at the same time. Finals and Qualification ranges will usually run concurrently. Please specify on the entry pistol sharing and the organiser will endeavour timetable accordingly.
Pistols can be borrowed from the event organisers, but there is a limited amount which will be lent on a first come first served basis. Please email 

Who Qualifies for the National Final?
Individual: Top 3 Individual athletes from each category at each qualifying event. Plus Championships Reserves
Team: Top Team from each age category at each qualifying event. Plus Championships Reserve

Can an athlete compete in more than one Qualifying Event in the 2019/20 Championships?
Yes. Unlimited.

Can I shoot with two hands?
Juniors only have the option to compete with one or two hands. Intermediate & Senior athletes may only shoot with one hand. 

I have a disability, can I compete?
Yes. Non-disabled and disabled athletes are welcome with the exception of visual impairment and intellectual disability. All the Qualification Events are open to all, and non-disable and disabled athletes in the same age category will compete alongside each other. 

Is there a Disability Category at the National Final?
Yes. Athletes are asked to indicate if they have a disability upon entering each Qualification Event. The Top 3 disabled athletes in each age category at each qualification event will qualify to compete in the Disability Class at the National Final as well as in the open category. 

Can I support my shooting hand? 
Athletes who declare a physical disability may compete supporting their shooting-hand wrist on a stand/rest, but this aid must not support the pistol whilst shooting. Intermediate and Senior athletes must compete single handed, unsupported.

Pre-Event Information:
The Competition Organiser will contact you following the Closing Date via the email address given upon entry. If you haven't heard from the Organiser 7 days in advance of the competition, please email Please ensure athletes register at the time according to their age category. (Provisional Timetable below).

What is the refund policy?
The entry fee is non-refundable unless the events is forced to be cancelled by the Event Organisers

I wish to change an athlete. Is that okay?
If you wish to change the name of the athlete entered, please email prior to the closing date.