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2018-19 Winter Rifle Postal Competitions

2018-19 Winter Rifle Postal Competitions

The STS Smallbore AMG run several team and individual competitions over the winter months. Brief details of each of these competitions are given below and further details on eligibility may be obtained from the STS Office on 0131 467 2489 or email on

STS Member Benefits

Only current STS members will be presented with trophies (for any restricted entry competitions).

An Entry Fee Discount will be applied for current members. Note : Essential Members are not eligible for this discount.

A 50% discount will be applied for Junior Entries on both the member (Not Essential Members) and non-member entry fees.


All prone cartridge events are shot on NSRA BM series targets over 15, 20 or 25 yards or NSRA approved electronic systems.

Air rifle events are shot at 10m on either NSRA 5 bull targets, 5 shot strip targets, ISSF single shot targets or NSRA approved electronic systems.

Standing and kneeling disciplines are shot on NSRA BM series 2 bull and 5 bull targets respectively or NSRA approved electronic systems.

Averages for Classification

The following table outlines how the entrants will be classified for the Winter competitions:

Class A

Class B

Class C

Class D

Prone Indoor Averages

98.0 and over

Between 96.0 and 97.9

Between 93.0 and 95.9

Under 93.0

Air Rifle Indoor Averages

580 and over

Between 560 and 579

Between 530 and 559

Under 530

STS (Previously SSRA) Medal

This is a restricted event, available only to STS members, competing for the Silver Medal. It is shot over 2 stages in 4 classes with Junior and Veteran classes. Salvers are awarded to the class winners and the Silver Medal to the Top Score in any class. Each stage consists of a set of 3 targets to be shot in one hour. Medal targets (1st stage) will be shot by mid-February 2019 and final by end March 2019. The top 10 and equal in the first stage, contest the final over the same course of fire.

CanDicap Quaich

This competition is restricted to C and D class shooters who are individual members of STS or members of Clubs affiliated to STS. Competitors must nominate a handicap of at least 5 points per card. The course of fire is a set of 3 cards in one hour with the handicap being applied to each. CanDicap targets (1st stage) will be shot by mid-February 20198 and final by end March 2019. The top 20 and equal qualify for a Postal Final over the same course of fire.


Trophies in this event will only be awarded to STS members and is shot in 2 classes competing for the Bill Dick Memorial Trophy (Open Class) and the Boston Bowl (C and D Class).

The qualifying round consists of 5 cards (not a set) with the top 16 (regardless of class) going through to the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Open Speedway Final. Speedway targets (1st stage) will be shot by mid-February 2019 and final by end March 2019. The Final is a round-robin event with finalists gathering points from matches against all the other finalists. The winner is the finalist with the highest number of points at the end of the Final. Where entries are sufficient, a C and D Final will also be held.

The top 8 places on conclusion of the Open Speedway Final (with individual memberships of STS) are automatically selected for the annual postal match with North Island, New Zealand. The remaining 7 team members for the NZ Match (subject to having a current membership of STS) will be selected on based on performance in relevant STS competitions.

Short Range 3P Championship

This competition is unclassified and the course of fire is at competitor’s discretion, as they have the option of competing as either a single 3 x 40 stage or as two 3 x 20 half courses. If shot as 3x40 then final date for shooting is end March 2019 but if shot as two half courses the first stage is to be shot by mid-February 2019 and the second by end March 2019. If shot as a 2 stage match, the scores of the two half courses will be added together to determine the winner. Prizes may be awarded to juniors depending on entry numbers.

Prone League

The Prone League course of fire consists of 2 cards during each of 8 match periods, generally December 2018 to March 2019, with entry available to individual members of STS and members of STS affiliated clubs.

3P League

The 3P League consists of a half course (3x20) match per month from December 2018 to April 2019, with 20 shots in each of the prone, standing and kneeling disciplines.

Air Rifle League

The Air Rifle League consists of a 60 shot match per month from December 2018 to April 2019. Those competing in an Air Rifle Grand Prix may elect to shoot a round of the league concurrently with the Grand Prix. The League organiser must be notified in advance and the Grand Prix organiser must also be notified prior to commencement of shooting.

Club Team League

The league is open to teams of 4, where team members must be from the same club. The league is run on a normal deliberate league basis, with divisions based on submitted team averages. Clubs may enter more than one team, with the cost of the first team entry being included within the club affiliation fee.

Various Individual Leagues

Leagues will be allocated on the basis of entries and averages submitted. The points in each league are allocated with the top score being awarded n-1 points, second n-2 points etc. (where n is the number of shooters in the league). The individual with the greatest number of points at the end will be deemed to be the winner.

Air Rifle Grand Prixes

A series of 5 Grand Prix events will be held once a month from October 2018 to February 2019, consisting of a 60 shot competition over 4 classes with (depending on entry numbers) a 40 shot Women’s and 60 shot Junior competitions held concurrently.

Earlier Event: 9 September
Later Event: 6 October
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