Home Office Update on EU Firearms Pass (Updated)

Earlier this year STS published information received from the Home Office with regards to travelling with firearms to the EU, if the UK leaves without a deal. In view of recent political events, the Home Office have asked STS to highlight that they have now updated GOV.UK guidance and they would like STS to help bring this to our member’s attention.

To summarise:

  • If the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 31 October, UK citizens with a valid license will no longer be able to apply for a European Firearms Pass (EFP) or use one to travel to the EU with a firearm or shotgun.

  • Before travelling, UK citizens with a valid license will need to check and follow the licensing requirements of any EU country they will be in with their firearm from 1 November. This includes if they will be in an EU country when the UK leaves the EU.

  • Processes at the border for travelling with and declaring a firearm will stay the same, and there will still be a need to follow UK import and export controls.

  • Anyone sponsoring an EU visitor bringing a firearm to the UK should still apply to the local police force for a visitor’s permit as is currently the case, but there will no longer be a need to produce the visitor’s valid EFP. Visitor’s permits issued before the UK leaves the EU will stay valid until they expire.

The guidance page also enables individuals to sign up to email alerts for any future changes to the guidance.

The link to the updated Home Office guidance on GOV.UK is provided below: