100th NSRA Scottish Championships - Volunteering Opportunity

 It will be the 100th NSRA Scottish Championships this year.  The event will take place from 29th June to 5th July at Thirlestane Castle, Lauder.

The event has been built up to attract a large number of entries and it will be a memorable occasion to be a part of. Whilst most people attending will be focussed on their shooting, such an event cannot operate without a relatively small number of individuals who are prepared to take part in the running of the event.

The NSRA are asking for assistance as there are very few volunteers to act as Range Officers.

The Range cannot operate safely without staff on hand to supervise and run the details on each day.

A few volunteers are required to offer a few hours of their time to enable the competitions to take place. The presence of qualified Range Conducting Officers is essential, but we also need assistants to be involved – guidance will be given before volunteers commence any activities on the range.

This need not be a commitment to the full week, a few people doing half days would help to “fill the gaps”.

For those who are entering the event, why not support your fellow shooters by assisting on the range on the days when you are not squadded.   The more volunteers there are, the smaller the commitment needed from individuals!  As a bonus, Range Officers qualify for Meal vouchers while they are on duty.

Anyone interested should contact George Lawson from the NSRA for further information:-

George’s contact details are : email georgelawson546@btinternet.com , Tel.: 01890 882020