Home Office Update: Advice for Travelling with a European Firearms Pass In No Deal Brexit

A notice from the Home Office, working on preparations for the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union on 29 March.

Leaving the EU with a deal remains the Government’s top priority. This has not changed.

However, a responsible government must plan for every eventuality, including a no deal scenario. The Home Office has previously provided guidance for travelling with a European Firearms Pass (EFPs) if there is no Brexit deal, so STS members can try to make informed plans and preparations.

Changes to EFPs

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, UK residents will no longer be able to use a European Firearms Pass to travel with their firearm. They would need to comply with whatever licensing requirements each EU country imposes, as well as UK import and export licensing requirements.

What this Means for STS Members

Anyone travelling to, or due to be in, an EU country with their firearm after 29 March will need to check licensing requirements with the country they’re travelling to. This is particularly important if any STS members are taking part in competitions or events shortly after the UK leaves the EU.

Countries may have varying lead times for applying for licenses, so STS members should consider checking requirements now.

If sponsoring an EU visitor to the UK, please apply to the local police force for a Visitor’s Permit now, but valid EFP will not need to be shown as part of this process.

Next Steps

The Home Office has asked STS to share this notice with our members and we would encourage all members to share this information within your club and other shooting connections, to make sure people are informed and as prepared as they can be in case the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The Home Office has asked we ask we direct any further enquiries about travelling with firearms after the UK leaves the EUto further information on GOV.UK.

Content provided by the Home Office, EU Exit Communications