Jess Liddon Selected for Team Scotland for Gold Coast

Jess Liddon was today announced as joining the 11-strong Scottish Shooting team heading to the Gold Coast at an announcement at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum on 14 February. 

Eleven athletes were announced on St Andrews Day 2017 and congratulations go to the now 12-strong team who will be heading out to the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games which takes place between 4-15 April 2018.

Team Announcement (30.11.17).jpg

The full team is:

  • Aedan Evans - Pistol
  • Calum Fraser - Shotgun (Double Trap)
  • David McMath - Shotgun (Double Trap)
  • Ian Shaw - Fullbore
  • Neil Stirton - Rifle
  • Sandy Walker - Fullbore
  • Caroline Brownlie - Pistol
  • Jess Liddon - Pistol
  • Jen McIntosh - Rifle
  • Seonaid McIntosh - Rifle
  • Sharon Niven - Shotgun (Trap)
  • Linda Pearson - Shotgun (Double Trap)

For further information on the Team Announcement in November 2017 please see here