Vote for Mid Argyll Shooting Club in their Bid to Win Aviva Community Funding

Mid Argyll Shooting Club has been working on hard on trying to secure funding to develop the club. They have done the hard work of putting together a plan for their development and being successfully selected to compete for the Aviva Community Fund but now they need your vote to make sure their hard work pays off.

The voting process is now live and STS is asking the shooting community to pull together in support to help the sport grow in the Mid Argyll community area.

Everyone has 10 votes and the Club needs to reach 10,000 votes to be in contention so every vote is crucial. Please vote for the bid and share this plea with friends and family.

There is also a crowdfunder page where donations can be made in support of the project.

Please vote by using the link below and spread the word to help bring much needed investment for new community facilities in Argyll and Bute. If the Mid Argyll bid can get over the line then it will inspire other shooting clubs to do the same so let's all support each other.

The Mid Argyll Shooting Club short video explaining their project: