Scottish Multi-discipline Shooting Championships

West Atholl Rifle Club assisted by Blair Atholl Gun Club and Blair Atholl Small-bore Rifle Club will again be hosting the Scottish Multi-discipline Shooting Championships at the Jubilee Range, Blair Atholl on 14th May, 2017.   The course of fire will comprise:

  • Full Bore Rifle - 2 sighters and 10 rounds to count at 500yds
  • Smallbore Rifle - sighters and 10 rounds to count at 50yards
  • Clay Target - practice and 10 clays “DTL”
  • Air Pistol - practice and ten shots to count at 10m

Competitors will be ranked in each event and the rankings added together to determine the overall winner and team winners. The event will not be squadded so competitors may choose when to shoot each event between 9.30 and 3.30. Depending on entries some events may close earlier.

The day will be an official “guest day” for both West Atholl Rifle Club and Blair Atholl Small-bore Rifle Clubs which will allow competitors without their own rifles to use club rifles under one to one supervision. To comply with rules for guest days all competitors must belong to a recognised organisation such as a Rifle or Clay Target shooting club or be known to the organisers. All competitors will be required to exhibit membership of such a club or give the name of a sponsor from the organising clubs or exhibit their personal FAC. The event will have Section 11(6) exemption allowing competitors without their own shotguns to use shotguns under one to one supervision. Competitors exhibiting their personal SGC will not require supervision for the shotgun stage. Air pistols will also be available. All competitors without their own FAC or SGC will be required to sign a declaration that they are not prohibited from handling firearms. Ammunition will be available at cost for use on the range only.

“F” class and sporting rifles with scopes may be used in the full bore stage but will be handicapped by one scoring ring relative to pure “TR” rifles. Air pistol will be similarly handicapped if a two handed grip is used. Please ensure your score card is clearly marked to reflect this rule.

Only non-expanding rifle ammunition may be used. Competitors may be called upon to assist as coaches or RCOs. Directions to the range may be found at or obtained from the organiser. Any other questions may be addressed to Tony Langford on 0141 776 2718 or

There is a 20 MPH speed limit on all Estate Roads. If the transgressor is identified he/she will be BANNED. If not we will all be BANNED. We need the goodwill of the estate management.

Our continued use of the range may be in danger if further complaints are received.