Would Your Ground Like to Host a Commonwealth Games 2018 Selection Match?

The window for qualifying for the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast in 2018 is already open but STS is looking to provide further opportunities for Scottish shotgun athletes to achieve the required scores in Olympic Trap, Double Trap and Olympic Skeet.

The shooting performance programme would like to work with Shooting Clubs and Grounds in Scotland to sanction up to three Grand Prix events in each of the ISSF Shotgun events included in the programme for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia. It may be an existing competition that you think could be adapted or it might be an opportunity to create a new event.

The closing date for all applications will be Friday 31st March.

Guidance for All Applicants

  • If selected, this will be subject to the ground being affiliated to STS
  • Olympic Trap Men and Olympic Skeet Men events should be conducted over two days, with qualification rounds split 3:2 or 2:3 across the two days.
  • Olympic Trap Women, Olympic Skeet Women, Double Trap Men and Double Trap Women events should be conducted in a single day.
  • Any event for Olympic Trap should include separate competitions for Men and Women.
  • Any event for Olympic Skeet should include separate competitions for Men and Women.
  • Any event for Double Trap should include separate events for Men and Women.
  • Finals should be held according to the 2017 ISSF rules for all events other than Double Trap Women.
  • The ground must have an up-to-date electronic chip capable of running the new (2017) Olympic Trap and Double Trap ISSF final formats; a button may be used for Olympic Skeet providing that there are working indicator lights on the towers.
  • For Olympic Trap: if using one layout, the scheme should be changed for the second day of competition.
  • Squads should be drawn prior to commencement of shooting.  If there are fewer than 5 female competitors, either make up to at least five with men, or do not squad separately
  • For those events held over two days, Shooters positions for the second day should be altered as per the ISSF rules.
  • It is not necessary to provide background music during finals, but pauses for announcements should be made during the finals as per ISSF rules
  • At the very least, a digital stopwatch should be used for timing during finals
  • A copy of the current ISSF rule book must be available for consultation by the jury in the case of disputes

If your ground is interested, would like to know more and apply, then please click on the link below: