Scottish Athletes Compete at the CSF Championships

In preparation for the 2018 Commonwealth Games taking place at the redeveloped Belmont Shooting Centre in April next year, the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF) Championships are being held at the same venue from 29th October to 7th November (in conjunction with the Oceania Shooting Federation Championships). STS has selected a team to represent Scotland at the CSF Championships and we will do our best to keep members updated with the scores and schedule through the information below on a daily basis.

Where these have been published, we have put in bold events with Scottish athletes competing in them, along with the  athletes and their placing after the event has concluded but the full results are also available to download.

Days 1 & 2 - Training

Day 3 - Results from October 31


10m Air Pistol Qualification (Women)

  • Jessica Liddon - 10th

10m Air Pistol Final Results (Women)


10m Air Rifle Qualification Results (Men)

10m Air Rifle Final Results (Men)


Skeet - Day 1 (Men)

  • Drew Christie - 4th

Skeet Finals (Women)

Day 4 - Results from November 1


Pairs - 300, 500 & 600 yards

  • Ian Shaw & Sandy Walker


10m Air Rifle Qualification Results (Women)

  • Seonaid McIntosh - 5th
  • Jen McIntosh - 9th

10m Air Rifle Final (Women)

  • Seonaid McIntosh - 8th


10m Air Pistol Qualification Results (Men)

  • Aedan Evans - 11th

10m Air Pistol Finals Results (Men)


Skeet Qualification (Men)

  • Drew Christie - 9th

Day 5 - Schedule for November 2


Pairs - 900 & 1000 yards

  • Ian Shaw & Sandy Walker - BRONZE

(Left to right) Fullbore Pairs Bronze Medallists, Ian & Sandy Walker


25m Pistol Qualification (Women)

  • Jessica Liddon - 9th

25m Pistol Final (Women)


50m Prone Qualification (Men)

  • Leonard Thomson - 8th
  • Neil Stirton - 17th
  • James Main - 20th

50m Prone Final (Men)

  • Lenny Thomson - 4th

Fullbore Bronze Medal Report (by Tim Kidner)

The STS Fullbore Pairs Team of Ian Shaw and Sandy Walker won Bronze Medals in a very closely contended match, finishing 1 V-bull ahead of South Africa with New Zealand 5 V-bulls further behind. The windy conditions were particularly difficult at 1000X but the STS pair managed to get ahead of some of the other teams by scoring more V-bulls at 1000 yards and finished with the highest number of V-bulls of all the teams in the match.. Out of a possible max. score of 600 the top 5 teams were within 3 points and the 3rd, 4th and 5th places were decided on the number of V-bulls scored:

  • 1st England 589.60v --Gold Medals
  • 2nd Australia 587.46v --Silver Medals
  • 3rd Scotland 586.63v -- Bronze Medals
  • 4th South Africa 586.62v
  • 5th New Zealand 586.57v

Day 6 - Schedule for November 3


Individual - 300, 500 & 600 yards (Stage 1)

  • Sandy Walker
  • Ian Shaw


50m Pistol Qualification (Men)

50m Pistol Final (Men)


Double Trap Qualification (Men)

  • Calum Fraser - 8th
  • David McMath - 9th

Double Trap Qualification (Women)

  • Linda Pearson - 4th

Day 7 - Schedule for November 4


Individual - 300, 500 & 600 yards (Stage 2)

  • Sandy Walker
  • Ian Shaw


25m Rapid Fire Pistol Qualification (Men)

25m Rapid Fire Pistol Final (Men)


50m Prone Rifle (Women)

  • Jennifer McIntosh - GOLD
  • Seonaid McIntosh - SILVER

Jennifer & Seonaid McIntosh celebrating with their Gold & Silver medals from the 50m Prone Rifle CSF Competition

Day 8 - Schedule for November 5


50m 3P Rifle Qualification (Women)

  • Seonaid McIntosh - 1st
  • Jennifer McIntosh - 2nd

50m 3P Rifle Final (Women)

  • Seonaid McIntosh - GOLD
    • Jennifer McIntosh - 5th

Seonaid McIntosh wins her second medal of the CSF Championships and her first gold by wining the 50m 3P Rifle Competition


Trap Qualification (Women)

  • Sharon Niven - 4th

Day 9 - Schedule for November 6


Individual - 900 & 1000 yards (Stage 3)

  • Sandy Walker - 17th
  • Ian Shaw - 26th


50m 3P Rifle Qualification (Men)

  • Neil Stirton - 7th
  • Robert Spence - 13th

50m 3P Rifle Final (Men)

  • Neil Stirton - 7th


Trap Qualification (Men)