North Island vs Scotland

The New Zealand Match is an annual smallbore rifle team shoot involving a main team of 15 and a Junior team of 5 between Scotland and North Island New Zealand. Each team member shoots 4 targets indoors (Ex 400) and the team total determines the winner.

This year proved exceptionally difficult to get a competitive team together on the same day but in the end the match was shot on 16th September at Balerno & Currie. Team members came from all over Scotland and shot at a time that was convenient throughout the day.

Scotland main team has won this match for the last two years so were on a hat-trick after a pretty lean spell, the last Junior victory in 2014. The main team is made up of the top 8 shooters from the Speedway, the premier indoor individual competition run by Scottish Target Shooting and 7 of the best performing shooters at the time, plus up to 2 shooting reserves. The Junior team is made up of the best available 5 U21 shooters available plus again up to 2 reserves.

This years result yielded a third win for the main team but unfortunately a third defeat for the Juniors.

Report by Sinclair Bruce