Has Your Club Seen What A Local Sports Council Can Do For You?

Scottish Target Shooting is pleased to promote the first edition of the National Guide to Local Sports Councils released by SALSC (Scottish Association of Local Sports Councils). The first document to pull together information on SALSC's members’ into one, easy-to-read, accessible document which informs, influences and educates those already involved in but more importantly those who are not already aware of Local Sports Councils and the services they can provide.

For Scottish Target Shooting clubs who are unaware of the benefits, Local Sports Councils can offer additional support and benefits to clubs in a local context. For example many give out grants, run events or competitions, hold Annual Sports Awards presentations, arrange workshops, offer facility discounts, have direct access to Sports Development Officers, actively engage with their Leisure Trust and/or Councillors and offer governance support. Local Sports Councils also play an important role in their local communities, providing an independent voice for local sports clubs, regardless of size or sport.

With a membership of 37 Local Sports Councils across Scotland reaching from the Western Isles to the Scottish Borders, SALSC has a combined club representation of approximately 2,800 which they plan to build on over the next few years. Scottish Target Shooting would encourage clubs to have a look at this guide (which can be downloaded below) to see if there is a Local Sports Council in your area and what support it can provide to you and your club.