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50m Prone Rifle 2019 Summer Series: GP4

  • Denwood Target Shooting Centre Countesswells Rd Cults, Scotland, AB15 8BB (map)

STS 50m Prone Rifle 2019 Summer Series: GP4


The meeting is a 50m squadded smallbore (.22) prone rifle event that is run on electronic targets with decimal scoring. The main competition is run in 4 classes and comprises of 60 competition shots to be fired in 50min. This is preceded by a 15min setup period and a 15min preparation and sighting period.

Concurrent with the main competition is a Junior competition (Under 21), Sweepers with cash prizes and the Club Pairs which are handicapped as follows: (A: Scratch; B: +9; C: +18; D: +27)

A&B Grand Prix:

The top 18 scores (top 14 scores for meetings at Gagie) in the main competition in classes A & B will go forward to a qualification match, which will consist of a further 60 shots at 50 metres. The leading 8 athletes will then go forward to an ISSF style final. Points will be awarded for the A&B Grand Prix series to each finalist as shown in the points table below.

C&D Grand Prix:

The top 10 scores in the main competition in classes C & D class will shoot the C & D final, which will consist of 60 shots at 50 metres. Points for the C & D Grand Prix series will be awarded to the top 8 athletes in the final as shown in the points table below.


In addition to Gold and Silver medals for Classes A-D, first and second places in each class will receive an additional prize of 300 and 200 rounds respectively of RWS R50 ammunition. However, the right to receive this ammunition depends on the shooter having their Firearms Certificate with them on the day of the competition (or someone with a Firearms Certificate who can receive it on their behalf).

Open Pairs:

There will be an open pairs competition with points being awarded based on the points table below. There will be a prize for the pair with the most points across the Grand Prix series. The prize is yet to be determined.

Meeting Rules

The local Open shoot (relays 1 to 3) will be run under NSRA rules except cross-shots will be scored as misses. The rest of meeting will be run under ISSF rules as far as possible. The Range Jury will consist of any three people from the local organising committee and/or the STS Smallbore AMG.

Grand Prix series points will only be awarded to athletes who qualify for the final and compete in the final.



Athletes to the Line

Preparation & Sighting

Match Start

Match Finish

Relay 1





Relay 2





Relay 3





C&D Final





GP Qualification






Reporting Time – 17:00




The following table shows how the 50m prone rifle classes are determined. Any unclassified competitor will require to submit an average. Averages need to be provided from one of the list below:

  • Outdoor average - based on best 5 from last 6 60 shot matches (Integer)
  • Outdoor average - based on best 5 from last 6 60 shot matches (Decimal)
  • Indoor average - based on best 10 from last 12 indoor cards


A Class

B Class

C Class

D Class

60 shot 50m

591 and over

582 to 590

564 to 581

Under 564

60 shot 50m Decimal

618.0 and over

609.0 to 617.9

591.0 to 608.9

Under 591.0

40 shot Dewar

394 and over

388 to 393

376 to 387

Under 376


98.5 and over

97.0 to 98.4

94.0 to 96.9

Under 94

Any competitor may be reclassified at the discretion of the organising committee.

Doping control

Scottish Target Shooting follows the doping regulations adopted by British Shooting, developed with UKAD. As such, the testing for banned substances may be carried out at any time. Please declare any medication at check-in before shooting.


The closing date for entries is the Tuesday before the event date. Late entries may be considered. Depending upon the number of entries for relay 1, it may be cancelled and entries moved to relay 2.


On arrival at the range please report to the organizer to take up your booking. Please arrange to be on the range in plenty of time to avoid missing your allocated squad as depending on entry and range space re squadding may not be possible.

Entry costs


Adult Non-Member

Adult Member

Junior Non-Member

Junior Member











Changes, Withdrawals & Late Entries

Cancellations made after the closing date of the event will not be entitled to a refund except in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the STS Office. For late entries, please contact the STS Office on or 0131 467 2489 to see if range space is still available

Additional information about Denwood

Equipment storage:

Due to the increase in the number of competitors attending events and the amount of kit they are bringing it has been necessary to restrict the use of the Armoury at Denwood by visitors to the storage of rifles and ammunition only. These must be in locked cases or boxes. Mats and bags will not be allowed in the Armoury but space will be made available for them to be left within the building.

Also, as part of a number of measures being taken to improve the security of the facility for all users, an automatic closer has been fitted on the Armoury door. There will always be someone at the range who can open the Armoury but competitors should be aware that they may be shooting and make due allowance.

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