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Scottish Full Bore Long Range Open Championships

Scottish Full Bore Long Range Open Championships

Saturday 30th June 2018

Commencing: 0930 hrs PROMPT

  • No 1 "The Montrose"   -   2 and 15 at 900 yards
  • No 2 "The Marjorie Keir"   -   2 and 15 at 900yards
  • No 3 "The Montrose Corporation"   -   2 and 15 at 1000 yards
  • Grand Masters Final (Qualifiers only)   -   2 and 15 at 1000 yards


Sunday 1st July 2018

Commencing: 0930 hrs PROMPT

  • No 4 "The Lyell"   -   2 and 15 at 900 yards
  • No 5 "The Stansfield"   -   2 and 15 at 1000 yards
  • No 6 "The Irvine"   -   2 and 15 at 1000 yards



  • No 7 "The Horatio Ross"   -   Saturday Aggregate
  • No 8 "The Renny Tailgour"   -   Sunday Aggregate
  • No 9 "The Major of Muir of Leckie"   -   Grand Aggregate (TR)
  • No 10 "The Long and Short Trophy"   -   Scottish Long Range and Scottish Open Grand Aggregates
  • No 11 "The Penny Trophy"   -   Family Pair Aggregate
  • No 12 "F" Class Grand Aggregate   -   Grand Aggregate ("F")


Condition of Entry

  1. UK NRA Regulations will govern the Meeting except where otherwise stated. Either .308in / 7.62mm or .223in / 5.56mm Target Rifles which comply with appropriate NRA Regulations may be used.
  2. Any type of ammunition including handloads is permitted.  Bullet weights (including F/TR Class) must be within the following limits: .308in / 7.62mm - not exceeding 156 grains; .223in / 5.56mm - no weight limit.  The external dimensions of the case, as loaded and after firing, must not exceed the maximum dimensions shown on the current UK Government 7.62 x 51mm NATO or SAAMI .308 Win chamber drawings. .308in / 7.62mm 155gr ammunition will be available and can be ordered on the Entry Form.  Surplus ammunition supplied by the organisers MUST be returned on the Range.
  3. The "F" Class Open and F/TR classes are being continued this year. "F" Class and F/TR rifles as defined in the NRA Bible and ICFRA rules may be used, with the exceptions that (a) F/TR bullet weight is limited to a maximum of 156 grains and (b) standard UK NRA long range targets will be used for F/TR.
  4. Two sighting shots per distance in each competition will be convertible.
  5. V Bulls will be used throughout the competitions.  The order of merit in all competitions will be decided by the number of V Bulls scored.  Ties for first place in the Grand Aggregate (both TR and F Class) and Grand Masters Competition will be shot off. Otherwise placing in the various competitions will be decided by counting out.
  6. The organisers reserve the right to vary any matter connected with the Meeting.
  7. All TR competitors will shoot in one class.
  8. Entry forms, together with entry fees, should be submitted online at or should reach the Meeting Secretary by 18th June 2018.  Please note that late entries will only be accepted if target accommodation permits.  No receipts or acknowledgements will be issued unless specifically sought, but entrants will be advised if their entry cannot be accepted.
  9. Individual membership of Scottish Target Shooting at Dual, Enhanced or Complete level, or Meeting Membership, is a prerequisite for all competitions.  Meeting Membership for the period of the Meeting is £7.50.  (Scottish shooters may wish to note that “Dual” membership of STS costs only £30, providing eligibility to shoot for Scotland and helping to preserve and grow your sport.) For school and university students Meeting Membership is £3.75


General Notes

  1. TROPHIES :  Trophies may be won by any competitor, to be held by the winner for up to one year and returned at or before next year’s Championship.  A Silver Medal will be awarded to each of the winners of the Grand Aggregate TR Class, "F" Class Open and F/TR Class.
  2. COMBINED GRAND AGGREGATE :  The "Long and Short" Trophy will be awarded to the competitor with the highest aggregate from the Grand Aggregates in the "Scottish Open" Meeting and in the Scottish Long Range Championships.
  3. FAMILY PAIR COMPETITIONS :  The "Penny" Trophy will be awarded to the highest aggregate made by two members of one family in the Long Range Championship Grand Aggregate. Entries to the Family Pair must be received by the Meeting Secretary by 11am on 23th June 2018.
  4. There will be a cash prize list on the Grand Aggregate only.
  5. SWEEPSTAKE :  There will be a Daily Sweepstake in which 75% of the sweepstake monies will be returned.
  6. TEAMS MATCH : Teams of four concurrent with the Sunday Aggregate. Entry on the Range before 9.15am on Sunday 1st July 2018. Entry fee is £3 per team.
  7. An informal dinner on Saturday evening will be held in the Bothy Bar at the Atholl Arms Hotel. Anyone planning to attend, please indicate numbers on the entry form.


Road from Blair Atholl to Jubilee Rifle Range

After turning off the village road opposite the Bridge of Tilt Hotel, you are on a narrow, winding public road with passing places. Drive slowly and cautiously for your own protection. After you turn left at Old Bridge of Tilt, take the hairpin bend VERY slowly: there have been several head-on near misses.  You are on a narrow road used only by estate staff and residents. Please keep to 20mph on this road until you reach a "crossroads", where you turn right up the hill past the Home Farm.  IT IS ESSENTIAL TO KEEP TO FIFTEEN (15) MPH BETWEEN THE “CROSSROADS” AND THE RANGE.  Fifteen mph may seem painfully slow when driving, but the time lost is less than two minutes.  It is particularly important to observe the limit when passing the Home Farm cottages, and Blairuachdar Steading (the large farm steading on the left at the top of the hill above the Home Farm).  Be especially careful when coming down the hill after leaving the range. There have been complaints about irresponsible driving by range users, which threaten the good relations we must maintain.

Road Conditions

The road from Blair Atholl to Jubilee Range is maintained only as far as Blairuachdar (the last farm steading on the left, before you enter the forestry).  Beyond Blairuachdar, the road is severely rutted and pot-holed.  Two cars have suffered severe sump damage in the past few years.  This stretch of road is easily passable in a 4x4 and is passable with care and sensible driving in most saloon cars.  Drivers of low saloon cars, heavily-laden saloon cars and sports cars should take extreme care on this stretch, and should consider leaving their vehicles in Blair Atholl (NB there is no parking at Blairuachdar) and arranging a lift with a 4x4 owner. Neither Scottish Target Shooting, West Atholl Rifle Club nor Atholl Estates shall be responsible for any damage to vehicles caused by the road conditions.