50m Prone Rifle 2019 Summer Postal League: Round 5

STS 50m Team Prone and Individual League Report

Round 5 Team Prone League

Division 1

Ellon A is the Cock of the North after 5 rounds and not losing one, they are on the top of the heap with 10 points.

Their closest rival is Larbert with a total of 8 points.

Division 2

Ellon B is at the top and like their A team they have not lost a match winning 5 out of 5 matches giving them a total of 10 points.

Although Strathearn B are 4 points behind Ellon B, they have the better gunscore and team average.

Round 5 Individual League

Division 1

A slight change this week with Kay Copland taking first place and gentle pushing her father into second place, Second place is shared by W. Copland and Ian Shanks who both have 7 points and only 1 point of a difference in gunscore.

This will be a contest of the giants at the Scottish championship at Lauder this coming week.

Division 2

Andy Hay and frank Howden are first equal with 7 points each but Frank has the better gunscore ( 967 ) by 3 points.

Division 3

Brian Robertson ( PC plod ) shares first place with G. Lewin but Brian is 5 points ahead in gunscore.

Division 4

A. Angus is certainly putting in the scores he has a total of 37 points 13 in front of his nearest rival I. Johnston.