All Ranges 2019

April 7th saw the 2019 edition of the All Ranges Competition contested at Denwood.

Competitors endured a cold day with a challenging variable strength wind which also changed direction frequently.

Competition for individuals is shot in Classes and consists of a Short Range match of 40 shots at 25 yards, a Long Range Match of 40 shots at 50 metres and 40 shots at 100 yards and the Aggregate of the Short and Long range Matches.

Concurrent with the Individual Class competitions are, Ladies, Juniors, Veterans, Handicap Pairs, Team of 3, and the Inter Regional Matches (team 6 best 5 to count).

Thanks to those who assisted with scoring and RO duties, especially RO outdoors for enduring the cold.

Medals were awarded to 1st place only in all competitions except the Individual Class Aggregates where medals were awarded out to 3rd place dependant on the level of entry in that Class.

Full results and photos from the event can be accessed below.

Report by Ian Henderson, Photos by Mike Ozmond