All Ranges 2018

The STS Smallbore AMG's All Ranges competition was contested at Denwood, Aberdeen on Sunday 8th April. While this is a competitive event it is intended to encourage indoor shooters to try their hand at longer ranges outdoors.

The course of fire consists of 40 shots at 25 yards, 40 shots at 50 metres and 40 shots at 100 yards. The individual shoots in classes A to D so shooters can compete against others of a similar ability.

Shot concurrently with the individual matches are Women's and Age Groups, Handicap Pairs, Team of 3 and the Inter Region matches.

Sunday started dry, bright, little wind for most of the day and perhaps a little warmer than one might expect for this time of year at this location.

Competition in A and B classes was keen enough for tie breaking rules to be employed at various elements of their competitions.

A Class 25 yards competition was a three way tie for first place, with Jim Main taking first with the best last card shot, Jim Cole-Hamilton taking second with the best second card and Robin Thomson being placed third.

In the Dewar match, there was a tie for third place between Dave Caughey and Jim Cole-Hamilton, with Jim winning this tie break with the better 100 yard score.

In the Aggregate there was another tie for second place between Steve Gemmell and Ian Shanks. There was still a tie on long range score so there was a count back of the 10 shot strings at 100 yards and because Steve had the best last string it secured him second place.

B Class required tie breaks in the 25 yards and the Dewar competitions. Jim Nicol and Steve Robertson tied for first in the 25 yard competition, with Jim winning on countback. There was also a tie for second in the Dewar between Robin Shand and Charlie Allan, Robin winning this on count back of the 10 shot string at 100 yards.

The Aggregate did not require any further tie breaks,

  • 1st Rhys Olley
  • 2nd Robin Shand
  • 3rd Vicky Walls

Resolving the competitions for C and D classes was more straightforward.

C Class                  1st                           2nd                          3rd

25 yards               Jackie Smith       Isobel Stark        Bertie Galloway

Dewar                   Taru Ahopello    Jackie Smith       Kate Scott

Aggregate           Jackie Smith       Isobel Stark         Kate Scott


D Class                  1st                           2nd                          3rd

25 yards                Ritwik Sarkar      D Thompson         Sarah Nicol

Dewar                   Sarah Nicol          James Nicol         John Ewen

Aggregate            Sarah Nicol          Ritwik Sarkar       James Nicol

There were only two regions represented  (Grampian and Lothians)  in the Inter Region matches, both matches won comfortably by Grampian.

Full results from the event can be downloaded below.

Report by Ian Henderson, Photos by Mike Ozmond