10m Air Rifle 2018-19 Grand Prix Series: GP1

The 2018/19 Air Rifle Grand Prix series started off where it finished, at Roseisle Village Hall. This time there was no snow on the ground.

The results for the classes were as follows:

Class A

  • 1st Vikki Walls

  • 2nd Bobby Spence

Class B

  • 1st Steven Abbott

  • 2nd Mark Joyce

Class C

  • 1st Jackie Smith

  • 2nd Jack Green

Class D

  • 1st Davie McKenzie

  • 2nd Gordon Bailey

As the series continues to be sponsored by RWS, 1st place will get 2 tins of pellets and 2nd place will get 1 tin of pellets. 

The honours in the final went to:

  • 1st: Vikki Walls

  • 2nd: Steven Abbott

  • 3rd: Keira Bexley

The ‘Download Results’ link below contains the results as well as the points table.

Report by Gavin Walker