2017-18 Prone Postal Individual League: Final Results

Results from the February rounds are now in and have been combined with the December, January and February rounds to produce the final Individual Prone Postal League results.

Congratulations to:

  • Division 1

  • 1st Bill Vaughan with 40 points

  • 2nd Peter Richard with 38 points

  • Division 2

  • 1st R.G. Spence with 53 points

  • 2nd Jim Nicol with 41 points

It is a pleasant change to being able to finalise this in good time. Many thanks to all competitors, it makes my task so much easier when scores or cards for marking are received in time.

The final tables for both Division 1 and 2 are now published and can be downloaded through the link below:

Report by Bill Moonie, League Administrator