Colmsliehill 2016 Summer Series: GP 5

A mild and practically windless day, ideal for the final event of the STS ISSF 25m Summer Series. The clement weather gave competitors the chance to set some high scores, a challenge to which Andy Ralston and David Owen duly rose. Early in the day, during the Free Pistol match, David Owen edged ahead with 12 Championship points, but in a hard-fought Sport Pistol event, Andy Ralston managed to even up the points for the day with an excellent score of 571. As the afternoon progressed, the two athletes competed side-by-side in the 25m Precision match, both determined to win. In the event, both shot at the top of their form, ending with Andy snatching victory with a stunning result of 580, with David trailing by but a single point at 579.

In the Standard Pistol and Rapid Fire disciplines, David Rees and Phil Mitchell competed head to head; Phil in particular putting in fine performances in both matches, especially in the demainding Rapid Fire Pistol event. In the end, as the light faded and rain started to fall, Phil put in an excellent score with the Rapid Fire match -- hard to believe he's only shot this match three times!

Earlier in the day, Bridget and her daughter Seona joined the other athletes for the 25m Precision Match, their second visit to the Summer Series this year. Newcomers to the sport, both put in fine performances. It is worth mentioning that the Summer Series is open to all shooters interested in these events, and Bridget and Seona demonstrate what can be achieved if you wish to come along and join in, as they have.