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NSRA British International 50m Rifle Championships

NSRA British International 50m Rifle Championships

The first meeting was in 1997. It is held in early to mid-June at Bisley, is run to ISSF Rules (including a full Equipment Control) and currently attracts about 150 competitors.

There are four individual competitions, all fired over 50 metres on Sius electronictargets:-

  • Men’s Rifle Prone (60 shots elimination, a further 60 shots for about 45 qualifiers + final)
  • Men’s Rifle 3x40 (120 shots + final)
  • Women’s Rifle Prone (60 shots)
  • Women’s Rifle 3x20 (60 shots + final)

Home Country International matches are held concurrently with all four competitions.

Scores achieved at the meeting are frequently taken into account by British Shooting and some Home Country Unions for purposes of international team and squad selection.

Shooters with Disabilities

Only those competitors with disabilities who are able to shoot fully in accordance with ISSF Rules are eligible to enter.

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