Child Protection Information

    Do you have ANy child protection concerns?

    In light of recent media attention, we are aware that clubs may have increased anxiety about child protection. If this is the case, you can contact the STS Child Protection Lead Officer, Jacqui Dunlop by calling 0131 467 2489 or emailing Clubs and individuals can also contact Safeguarding in Sport at 0141 419 1156 for advice, guidance and help.

    Our advice to clubs with members under the age of 18 would be to ensure that you have:

    • A named contact for the co-ordination of child protection, with a role description, who has attended recommended training.
    • A Child Protection Policy which reflects national guidelines, adopted by the Club's Management Committee (or equivalent).
    • A Code of Conduct for working with children and young people.
    • A variety of child protection training offered at appropriate levels for those working or volunteering with children and young people in sport.
    • A procedure for the recruitment and selection of those who work with children and young people, including access to PVG Scheme Membership checks.
    • Procedure for responding to concerns about the welfare or abuse of a child- within or out with sport.
    • A disciplinary procedure for managing concerns and allegations of poor practice, misconduct and child abuse and includes provision for referrals to the Children’s List.
    • A procedure for reviewing the management of concerns about poor practice, misconduct and / or child abuse.

    If somebody raises child protection concerns in relation to a coach or volunteer who is currently practicing in the club or sport then you should follow your ‘Responding to Concerns’ procedure. If the allegation is historical then the club should follow the same procedure and signpost the individual to Police Scotland on ‘101’.  If the club has a concern about a child’s immediate safety then this should be passed on to Police or Social Work.

    STS takes matters of child protection very seriously. As a result, we have recently reviewed our policies and procedures to ensure they are fully up to date. Our Child Protection policies and procedures have been published on our website and can be found in the document below.

    Our Child Protection Policy & Documents

    STS takes the matter of child protection extremely seriously. Providing child friendly environments for children to participate in shooting is just as much about creating a positive atmosphere, encouraging children into clubs as it is about protecting children from harm by providing safe environments. STS has taken some time to review and condense its child protection policies, paperwork and forms, working closely with the Safeguarding in Sport Unit from Children 1st to make sure we are adhering to best practice in sport. STS has put all the child protection material into a single documents to make it all easy to locate and cross reference.

    The document prepared by STS includes the child protection policy, as well information on the processes and forms it has in place:

    • The STS Child Protection Policy
    • Information about the STS Child Protection Officer
    • How STS manages disclosure records
    • Safe in Care Guidelines for shooting
    • Guidance Notes on the PVG Scheme
    • How STS will respond if they has concerns about a child
    • What to do if you have concerns about an STS employee, member or volunteer
    • The review process STS will follow after each case
    • The STS Child Protection Code of Conduct
    • Template letter sent to applicants for roles defined as regulated work
    • Self Declaration Form
    • STS Identify Verification Form
    • STS Significant Incident Form
    • Partnership with Parents and Carers
    • Request for Permission to Use Camera and Video Equipment
    • Template description for shooting club child protection officers
    • STS Risk Assessment Template

    Support for Member Clubs

    We are also working on a version of this document for clubs to use and hope to have this available by April 2017

    Contacts in Your Area

    Should you require to contact someone in your local authority immediately about a child protection issue, you should click on the WithScotland resource. This resource will help you find an emergency contact in your local area quickly.



    GIRFEC is the national approach in Scotland to improving outcomes and supporting the wellbeing of our children and young people by offering the right help at the right time from the right people.   

    Most children get all the support and help they need from their parent(s), wider family and local community, in partnership with services like health and education. Where extra support is needed, the GIRFEC approach aims to make that support easy to access and seamless, with the child at the centre.     The named person ensures that there is someone who is responsible for helping children get the support they need if and when they need it.  Under the scheme every child in Scotland from birth to 18 (and their parents/carers) will have access to a named person.  Details of the named person in each local authority can be found here .  However, this will normally be a health visitor for pre-school age children; a head teacher (or depute head in larger schools) for primary aged children a head teacher or guidance teacher for secondary aged young people. 

    Within a sporting context the two primary areas of concern are developing a robust understanding of the Shanarri wellbeing indicators and how these may present in a sports context and understanding the role of the Named Person and how sports organisations can feed into this.

    Children 1st have produced an overview for sport which can be downloaded here.