Sonal Gyorik-Ramendra

Where are you from? Indian by origin and settled in Budapest, Hungary 

Which disciplines do you coach? Pistol (all ISSF events) 

How did you get involved in the sport and what was your journey to becoming a coach? Association with shooting as a shooter, coach, developer and promoter goes back to 1995. I was introduced to shooting by my parents who were then the National level shooters and now running the state federation as leaders. To become a coach was a carefully thought out decision in advance. Therefore beginning my career as a volunteer coach to becoming an assistant coach, getting coaches B+ license from ISSF Academy, working with ISSF as a pistol tutor in several continents, and being a successful International pistol coach for World Class shooters in World Cups and Championships required planning and discipline. 

Do you have a coaching philosophy – if so, what is it? Learning is a never ending process and my colleagues inspires me to work harder. To see athletes doing what you taught is the biggest happiness as a coach which needs commitment from a coach, shooter and various stakeholders. Simple but effective - Hard work always pays off in terms of results, appreciation, position, money or title after lots of disappointments and failures. Winners are courageous to feel comfortable outside their comfort zone. Nobody enjoys running on a treadmill - but everyone's wants to be fit! Find your inspiration, concentrate on the thing which helps you to grow, discipline helps you to reach your goal faster, attract knowledge like a magnet, and learning to perform a skill on a competitive day needs smart work and hard work - then nobody who ever gave his best regretted it. 

What are your hopes for the STS Performance Programme? My expectation from STS performance programme is to see the overall development of the shooting sport in Scotland: the results by STS shooters and development of coaches. The experience of those involved at the root level will bring the progressive professional attitude to the highest level. I'm honoured to be a part of team in the capacity of the pistol coach to develop their technical skills and looking forward to start the New Year with new perspective to teach and learn! 

Any other interesting non-shooting related fact about yourself that you would like to mention? I love reading - it is something I try to do everyday, even it is for few minutes before going to bed. Writing blogs is my newly found love!


Sonal’s key responsibilities with the STS Pistol Performance Programme include:

  • Develop personalised training programmes for Tier 1 athletes

  • Supporting and ensuring Tier 1 athletes meet agreed goals

  • Completing STS reports to track the development of Tier 1 athletes

  • Providing STS with website reports and photographs of athletes at competitions

  • Support development squads by providing coaching and mentoring for squad coaches

  • Support the Performance & Pathways Manager in selection processes for programme and competitions

  • Support the Performance & Pathways Manager in developing a pathway for pistol shooting

  • Perform the role of Team Manager at competitions when required