Caroline Brownlie

Where in Scotland are you from? I was born in Edinburgh and currently live in Hampshire.

What discipline(s) do you shoot and who are your coaches? 10m Air Pistol (coach David Owen, train at my club Winchester), 25m sport pistol (coach Margaret Thomas, train at Bisley)

How did you get involved in the sport and what was shooting journey to get on to the performance programme? Started shooting at university where I met my husband. His family shoot so I had a go. I’ve been shooting for nearly 20 years on a part time basis so my journey to the performance programme has been a case of gathering experience over many years.

Where do you do your shooting? As I live in Hampshire my 10m Air Pistol training is at my local club in Winchester. I also do a lot of Air Pistol training at home. 25m Sport Pistol uses a licenced hand gun so I can only train at Bisley.

Any other interesting non-shooting related fact about yourself that you would like to mention? I abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth in July 2017 - it was 100m high!