Calum Fraser

Where in Scotland are you from? Aberdeen

What discipline(s) do you shoot and who are your coaches? I shoot Double Trap and am coached by Marco Micheli.

How did you get involved in the sport and what was shooting journey to get on to the performance programme? I have been shooting since a young boy as it was the chosen sport of both my grandfather and father.  The decision to concentrate on claying shooting was a natural progression from attending the Deeside shooting Club. The more I visited the more I became engaged in the sport and as my skills developed so did my competitive edge, which instinctively resulted improvement in my technique and scores.

I decided to attend an Olympic double trap shoot in Nuthampstead and as a result became hooked totally with the discipline. After two of training and competitions and improving my scores I was approached by the STS shotgun coach, Ian McGregor advising to me to improve my scores to enable me to join the STS performance program, which I successfully achieved. 

Where you do your shooting? The development of my skills mainly takes place at Auchterhouse Country sport. The grounds are fully equipped, well laid out and managed

What are your hopes and plans for the future in terms of your shooting career? With double trap being officially removed from the Olympic Games my initial hopes and plans have altered, as I now find myself in a position whereby I will have to change my discipline as I wish to continue to shoot competitively.  Therefore I have every intention to move into the field of Olympic Trap.  However I am under no disillusion that the transition will not be easy, but I am hoping that my prior experience and skills will help go some way in helping to build a firm foundation from one discipline to another, thus enabling me to shoot competitively on the international arena and work towards a successful and productive outcome.

Any other interesting non-shooting related fact about yourself that you would like to mention? Predominately outside the field of shooting I am a family originated man, but I live and breathe shooting.