Andy Ralston

Where in Scotland are you from? Glasgow

What discipline(s) do you shoot and who are your coaches? I shoot 10m Air Pistol and my coaches are David Owen, Mark Joyce & Sonal Ramendra

How did you get involved in the sport and what was shooting journey to get on to the performance programme? I got involved in the sport starting in 2012 after a shooting experience was bought for me as a gift. I enjoyed it and decided to try it back home. I originally started rifle shooting but found pistol more enjoyable (sorry rifle shooters). My journey to the performance program was actually fairly quick given my late start in the sport. It started by club level shooting taking part in postal leagues, I then progressed into open competitions such as the winter Grand Prix series. The bug for winning prizes and doing well was well and truly caught and pretty soon I was training most days and attending development training. From there I was invited to join the performance athletes to train with them to see if I progressed further which I did. 

Where you do your shooting? I currently shoot at Bearsden Rifle & Pistol Club and at Dumbarton Rifle & Pistol Club. 

What are your hopes and plans for the future in terms of your shooting career? I would like to represent Scotland and maybe even GB at the multi-sport events and high level shooting competitions. 

Any other interesting non-shooting related fact about yourself that you would like to mention? I enjoy hillwalking, photography, running and watching motorsport in my spare time.