about the FUllBore AMG


The Scottish Rifle Association [SRA] was originally formed in 1886. The Scottish XX Club was formed in 1872 for the purpose of selecting a team to take part in the National Match, the annual International Match between teams of 20 shooters from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. In 1970 the Scottish Rifle Association and Scottish XX Club amalgamated under the name of The Scottish Rifle Association. In 2016 the Scottish Rifle Association became part of a new body, Scottish Target Shooting [STS] which is now the organisation responsible for all the target shooting sports in Scotland. Scottish Target Shooting is recognised as the governing body for target shooting sports in Scotland by Sportscotland, the Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF), the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA) and the National Rifle Association.


Within STS the Fullbore Rifle Association Management Group (FBR AMG) is made up of office bearers and area representatives from each of the fullbore shooting clubs in Scotland – West of Scotland RC, East of Scotland RC, Fife & Kinross RC, West Atholl RC and Cawdor RC plus representatives for Schools and Universities. The Fullbore Rifle AMG promotes fullbore shooting in Scotland and organises annual events which include the Scottish Open Championships, Scottish Long Range Open Championships and the inter-region team championships for the Pentagonal [Target Rifle] and Finlux [F-Class] Trophies. As well as organising teams for the international events – the National, MacKinnon, Lawrence Trophy Matches and the European Long Range Championships – the Fullbore Rifle AMG organises overseas team tours and in recent years has sent official teams as far afield as South Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


According to the National Museum of Scotland, Target Shooting is the oldest international sport in the world. The first international competition held in the modern sporting era took place between Scotland and England during the National Rifle Association's inaugural meeting at Wimbledon in 1860 (i.e. The National Match).